Aquatic Plant Control Diss

We aim to carry out every aspect of aquaitic plant control with as little impact to the surrounding environment and local wildlife.

Our weed cutter

Our Weed cutter


Aquatic plants both Native and non-native can be quick growers and if left un-managed become very invasive. Essential ponds have a variety of ways of dealing with or controlling these plants.

Our systems for dealing with or control of these plants are as environmentally friendly as possible, we try to use methods of manual removal, cutting where possible and if we do have to use products such as herbicides we consult and obtain the relevant certificates from Environment Agency.

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an overgrown pond needing plant control newly cleared pond after used of weed cutter out of control overgrown broad leaf pond plant cleared pond with weed cutter overgrown bullrush around pond in need of control overgrown bullrush now under control bullrush removed from pond with weed cutter

In certain situations plants can be cut right back, the cut sections removed and Aquatic Dye added to prevent further growing, this method will bring the plant under control without excess plants die back in the water-body which can lead to high nutrients and algae problems.

If your pond is plagued with nuisance plants contact us and see if we can help restore it to its former glory.