Impermax Liquid Rubber Pond Liner Bury St Edmunds

  • Impermax liquid pond liner is the new era of pond lining
  • Easy to apply with brush or roller
  • Seamless finish
  • Applied in 2 coats to achieve maximum strength and durability
  • Available in a series of colours

Impermax is an ideal liquid rubber pond liner suitable for a host of situations and surfaces.

The product is based on polyurethane (drinking water approved according to EEC directive 98/83/CE) and provides a smooth, seamless membrane. The finished membrane is constructed in various layers (as seen in our images) with the resulting liner being in excess of 1.4-1.9mm thick almost twice the thickness of conventional sheet liners and with the similar finish to fibreglass.

As Impermax is a liquid pond liner, it is painted on and will be as durable as conventional pond liners once cured, being highly elastic and able to withstand expansion, contraction or slight movement in the support structure without compromise to its integrity.

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pond during restoration moisture sealed pond with impermax liquid pond liner impermax liquid pond liner coated pond pond with black impermax liquid coating