Pond Dredging Suffolk

Some benefits of pond dredging

  • Increases water volume
  • Lowers nutrient levels
  • Reduces problems with weed and algae
  • Helps to stabilise seasonal changes in dissolved oxygen’s levels

Essential ponds offer a full drain and dredging solution to removing and refurbishing silted up ponds and small lakes. We can advise you on the silt levels and if the pond is beyond using Siltex to combat the problem then we can design a full project package to clear the pond to the original base removing the excess silt and returning the pond to its original healthy condition.

overgrown pond a pond from the opposite side margin reshaping of pond a reshaped pond a finished pond a neglected pond pond awaiting rain

Why not contact us and arrange a no obligation site visit to see if we can help reform your pond back to its original glory.