Pond Maintenance Contracts Ipswich

Essential Ponds Ipswich offer complete pond maintenance packages which can be a yearly visit to carry out a complete clear out of the pond, including re-potting of plants, replacing UV tubes/bulbs, cleaning pumps and filters, to 12, 1 monthly visits maintaining filtration systems and carrying out algae & pond treatments.

After an initial site meeting, we can put together a complete pond package that caters for your exact needs, in order for your pond to maintain its beauty throughout the year.

Some of the yearly pond maintenance packages we currently offer include Plant control (thinning, removal, dividing, re-planting, re-potting), spring & autumn Siltex treatments (Natural Clay Lined ponds only), pond pump servicing, water testing, Filter cleaning, ultraviolet (UV) tube replacement, complete yearly cleaning (if required) and algae treatments.

Both the natural pond and domestic pond maintenance contracts benefit from a spring and an autumn visit unless any issues occur during the year.

Natural Pond Maintenance Contracts

Spring Visit

  • bullet pointSiltex Treatment
  • bullet pointPump Servicing
  • bullet pointAquatic Plant pruning, Dividing, Thinning & Removal
  • bullet pointWater Testing
  • bullet pointRemoval of any fallen debris – Branches, trees etc

Autumn Visit

  • bullet pointSiltex Treatment
  • bullet pointPump Servicing
  • bullet pointWater Testing

Domestic Pond MaintenanceContracts

This pond shown benefits from a yearly package.

In the autumn the pond is visited and the Barley straw sacks are removed and re-filled to be placed back into the pond in the early spring.

Overgrown plants are removed or thinned, the pump is also stripped down, cleaned and serviced.

This pond also benefits from a yearly visit in late spring.

The pond is emptied and all debris/silt removed (the client lives on top a hill and debris blows in and builds up throughout the year).

The pump/filter is stripped down and cleaned. Ultraviolet (UV) tube replaced.

Plants are thinned and re-potted where required.