Step By Step Pond Clean

  • Clean pond water pumped into holding ponds
  • Fish, wildlife removed and placed in secure holding tanks
  • Polluted water and silt removed
  • Plants pruned and re-potted
  • Saved pond water returned
  • Pond topped up with made safe tap water and bacteria/algae treatment
  • Fish, wildlife returned
  • Pond clean complete!!

The pond show cased was cleaned during the late spring of 2011. The pond had not been cleaned for over 8 years and had developed a blanket weed and duck weed problem, due to high nutrient levels, caused by a large volume of silt on the base of the pond.

The first three pictures show the pond before any work was carried out. As you can see, the surface of the pond is covered in blanket and duck weed. Both these forms of plant thrive where there is a high nutrient level, which you get when the pond has a lot of silt and detritus in it.

If your pond clean is going to take more than a day, or if the weather is extremely hot, the tanks are fed with oxygen and covered to prevent the fish jumping out and any unwanted predators taking advantage of the situation.

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an overgrown pond pond covered in duckweed and algae pond covered in duckweed and algae our holding tanks sludgy silt water in pond pond being refilled clean pond

The large blue tank holds 1000 gallons (4540 Litres) of water, the two white containers hold 150 gallons each (681 Litres) and the small blue tank on the left holds 130 Gallons (590 Litres).

These tanks are used to hold the clean pond water, this is pumped from the pond through straining baskets before are disturbance of the silt takes place. All the mature clean water has been removed along with the fish and free-floating plants. The picture shows the silt and debris left to be removed.

As the water was removed it left solid banks of silt either side of the pond and thick liquid silt in the middle.

The silt in the pond was 15cm (6 inches) deep in the shallow part and over 30cm (12 inches) in the deep part of the pond.

The pond has had all the silt/debris removed and the plants surrounding the pond have been trimmed and tidied. The pond is being filled with fresh tap water and will be treated with De-chlorinator to make it safe for the fish and wildlife.

The pond has been completely filled with the mix of treated de-chlorinated tap water and the mature clean pond water. All fish, wildlife and plants have been returned, including freshly re-potted lilies and water Hawthorne. The water is a milky white colour as all our ponds are treated with an organic algae treatment to help prevent green water while the pond settles after it’s clean.