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Dredging is probably one of the most invasive procedures that can happen to any water body and in the short term can be detrimental to the pond or lakes eco system. With years of experience we believe that trying other alternatives first is the best course of action before proceeding with any dredging project!

The service we offer is a complete drain and dredge solution, removing as much silt and debris as possible whilst trying to avoid too much damage to the marginal vegetation. Once this has been competed any re-shaping and refurbishment works can be completed.

If you have to proceed down the route of dredging, YES it will be messy and YES it will a little destructive but this is only short term and in a year or so time the grass will grow back and the pond will return to a healthy state.

Once the project has been competed we can help advise on ways to avoid having to do this again; such as using a yearly treatment of Superlon (Siltex)


Whilst noting the above, dredging can have benefits!

• Increases water volume
• Lowers nutrient levels
• Give the chance to remove any invasive plants from the root up
• Helps the stabilise seasonal changes in dissolved oxygen levels
• Can help to reduce issues with algae blooms

If you think your pond is past its best, you’ve exhausted other avenues and think you may need dredging then why not get in touch and we can happily call in and see you to discuss the pond.

We are available on 01379 777365 or Chris direct on 07901 710107 or via our contact us page.

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