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Pond Cleaning in Cambridge

Traditional rubber, butyl, PVC and concrete lined ponds will eventually get to the stage where they require a complete overhaul. Essential Ponds offer a bespoke complete pond cleaning service in Ipswich, which can restore the most overgrown of ponds to their former glory.

Why clean your pond?

• Remove excess silt from the water.
• Reduce nutrient load that can lead to Algal blooms and/or Duckweed issues.
• Thin and divide excess plants.
• Reducing the detritus from the ponds base can help to prevent harmful bacteria taking over which can then lead to poor water quality and even fish/wildlife disease/fatalities.

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So how do we do it?

• The ponds water is pumped into our holding tanks via a series of micro filters to remove as much of the free-floating particles as possible.
• The fish are then caught and placed in one of our secure holding tanks with added oxygen to help keep them calm.
• Any wildlife is then removed and placed in a different holding tank to the fish.
• The silt and debris are then removed and placed around the garden as very good fertilizer!
• The sides of the pond are then swept and rinsed (never pressure washed as this can be detrimental to the ponds ecosystem).
• Any plants are thinned, tidied, divided or re-potted if needed.
• Any pumps, filters and ultra violet systems are stripped, cleaned and serviced.
• The saved water is then pumped back into the pond through another filter.
• The pond is topped up with de-chlorinated water.
• Pumps, filters and UV are switch on.
• The fish and wildlife are returned.
• Yes the pond will be a little cloudy for day or so, but will clear and be a lot better off in the long run compared to discarding the old water and filling with new tap water!

Our aim is to clean the pond in the best way for the fish and wildlife and also without costing an arm and leg; especially if you are on a water meter!

If you would like more information or would like to book a site meeting please give us a call on 01379 777365 or Chris direct on 07901 710107 or why not email us with a few pictures of you pond via our contact us page.

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Pond Cleaning | Cambridge