Pond Cleaning Diss

Why clean your pond?

  • Improves water quality
  • Increase water Oxygenation
  • Better control of Algae
  • Increases plant growth
  • Decreases Health risk to fish

Traditional rubber, butyl, PVC lined and concrete ponds will eventually get to the stage where they require a complete overhaul. Essential Ponds in Norwich offer a complete pond cleaning service which can restore the most overgrown of ponds, to their former glory.
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an overgrown pond a cleaned pond an overgrown pond pond after 1 day a cleaned pond

Why clean your pond? If the pond isn’t cleaned then silt and detritus will build up at the base of the pond and create a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The build up of these bacteria will eventually lead to poor water quality and can lead to fish/wildlife fatalities.

The ponds inhabitants; fish, wildlife and plants are housed in oxygenated vats, as much of the mature clean pond water is saved. The pond is then cleaned and all the debris (silt) is removed (it makes great compost).

All cleaned ponds are topped up with fresh water which is treated with a de-chlorinator to make it safe for the ponds’ inhabitants, we also treat the pond with a environmentally friendly algae preventative, to slow any algae blooms whilst the pond settles down.

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