Pond Disposal

Unwanted Pond?

Have you acquired an unwanted pond with a house purchase? Or just want rid of the existing pond due to safety fears;

Essential ponds pond disposal service can help with the whole process.

  • Fish re-homing
  • Plant removal
  • Pond demolition
  • Landscaping of the space

Even though it defeats the object of Essential Ponds, we totally understand that some people do not want a garden pond, maybe due to a new addition to the family or you’ve moved to a new house with an unwanted pond..

In the images shown, we were asked to carry out the disposal of an inherited natural pond which was obscuring the view of the adjacent mere. The pond was cleared, its occupants re-homed and hole filled and softened to the level of the existing lawn. Once the new soil had settled it was seeded and allowed to grow to form a new lawn and open up the view of the mere.

Hover over the pictures to see more information on the pond disposal process....

removing water from pond during pond disposal plands being removed from the pond for disposal newly seeded lawn after pond removal/disposal completed