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Pond & Lake Maintenance

Not only do we offer full construction packages we also offer full maintenance packages too!

These maintenance packages can be catered to your individual requirements with visits on a monthly basis to control plants to an annual visit to service the filter and change the Ultraviolet (UV) Bulb.

Some of the services we currently offer our clients:

• Monthly visit to control plants growth in a large pond measuring 45x20 metres.
• Annual visit to empty and clean a small water feature with 3 tear fountain.
• Annual visit to a small raised pond to clean/service the filter and pump. Supply and change the UV bulb.
• Annual Spring visit to a swimming pond to service the pumps and check all the filters are working ready for the summer.
• Six monthly (Autumn/Spring) visit to a small lake to treat the water with Superlon (Siltex).
• Quarterly visit to control the oxygenating plant growth in a spring fed natural pond.
• Monthly visit to a Koi pond to check the filters and carry out full backwash.

If you need a hand with your pond, lake, water feature or swimming pond then why not get in touch to arrange a site visit and we will be happy to come and see to discuss a maintenance package to suit your needs.

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If you would like more information or would like to book a site meeting please give us a call 01379 777365 or Chris direct on 07901 710107 or via our Contact us page.

• Filter & pump servicing
• Plants thinning and control
• Pond health checks
• Visits as regular as you require
• No contract and no problem if we are asked to miss a visit if we are not needed
• Packages to suit every waterscape

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