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Pond liner can be supplied in a variety of membranes ranging from the basic PVC pond liner suitable for smaller garden ponds, Greenseal & Firestone EPDM Rubber pond liners for small, medium and large ponds as well as small lakes, and finally Butyl/Epalyn pond liners for the larger ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

⦁ I’m not sure what liner I need? See the description of the liners available below or get in touch; we will happily guide you to the right product for your pond!
⦁ Can you supply direct and I install? Yes no problem and delivery is direct to you by courier anywhere in the UK!
⦁ What is the delivery time? Depends on the size required but normally 5 days for standard sizes and up to 20 days for large liners.
⦁ How do I find out the size of the liner I need? See the diagram below or give us a call and we can explain.
⦁ How do I get a price? Read our terms and conditions for pond liners (just below) and if your happy to proceed contact us via our contact page with the type of liner, the size of liner and if underlay is required or not along with the delivery postcode and we can come back to you with a price.

Click here to see our Pond liner ordering Terms & Conditions

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If you would like more information, help working out the size of your liner or would like to place an order please give us a call 01379 777365 or Chris direct on 07901 710107 or by email via our Contact us Page.

pond liner
pond lining

Liner Variations Explained:

⦁ PVC Liners
These pond liners are available in 0.5mm grade thickness and are suitable for starter ponds up to around 100 square metres (sqm). This type of pond liner is ideal for lower budgets but its lower grade does mean that it has a lower life expectancy, also this pond liner becomes quite brittle as it ages and if you have clay soil can rip when the soil contracts in warm weather.

⦁ Firestone / Greenseal EPDM Rubber Liners
The firestone & Greenseal Geo-membrane or Rubber pond liners are available in 0.75 and 1mm grade thickness offering high performance, high strength and superb flexibility.

Due to these factors these pond liners are ideal for small garden water-features, ornamental ponds as well as large ponds up to 1400m2.

These pond liners are also guaranteed to be compatible and safe for use with aquatic life – certified by toxicity tests performed by the Water Research Centre WRc-NST.

⦁ Butyl Liners
The Butyl pond liner has rapidly diminished within the industry over the past few due to rapid increase in the cast of the raw materials.

However Swedish liner manufacturers have started producing a liner called Epalyn which is identical in look to Butyl and exceeds butyl in some areas such as elasticity. Due to Epalyn’s improved elasticity it is an ideal liner for ponds constructed over clay soil.

We are happy to try and track down the true butyl liner for you or we can order the new form Epalyn pond liner which will happily do the same job, and comes with the same life time guarantee as the butyl as long as installed in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

These pond liners are suitable for medium to large pond and large lakes, reservoirs and lagoons.

⦁ Geo-textile Underlay
The underlay is as important as the pond liner, and the myth of using an old carpet is no longer suitable!

The underlay is a 250 gm heavy-duty geo-textile under-cushion and can be seen in the pictures on this page, this pond liner underlay is recommended to protect your liner, working to extend the liners life and to comply with the manufactures installation guidelines.

The underlay we supply is rot-resistant and is designed to protect your pond liner from accidental damage such as root penetration and punctures from stones and other sharp objects.

The underlay can also be used to provide a protective over-cushion on top of the pond liner in a third layer. Over-cushioning will need to be secured in place with soil, clay, or rocks and may be buried into the edge of the pond and back filled with soil using a double anchor trench to prevent a wicking effect.

This is where the under-cushion absorbs the pond water and deposits it around the outside of the pond. This will also provide a natural finish to the installation.

Pond Liner Terms & Conditions

What we require:
⦁ The size of the liner required (in either square metres or square feet).
⦁ The type of liner required (PVC, Greenseal or Firestone EPDM rubber, Butyl/Epalyn)
⦁ Will you require underlay with your liner?
⦁ The post code it is to be delivered to.
⦁ Your Contact details including telephone number

You can email us with these details or call and leave a voice/answer machine message and we will get back to you with the price and if you are happy we will then find out the lead time for delivery.

Payment Methods
⦁ We can happily accept cash if you are local
⦁ PayPal can be arranged but the PayPal charge will be added to your total price
⦁ Cheque
⦁ BACS direct transfer from your bank to ours

Please note that payment is required upfront and once the liner is ordered the order cannot be cancelled. On receipt of payment we will forward you a receipt and the delivery date will be confirmed.

Please note that delivery costs do apply to all liners and they are dependant of the size of the item and the postcode they are being delivered to. When we quote you for the cost of the liner, delivery is included.

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