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An aquatic chalk has been used for years as an inexpensive way of reducing organic silt and improving water quality in ponds, lakes and waterway. The most popular brand known is Siltex. Our brand is exactly the same product but with a different name on the bag and a slightly cheaper price to pay!

When we transferred over from the brand Siltex to Superlon we ran extensive experiments on a number of our clients ponds and lakes to see if there was any obvious differences in how it reacted and how the water body performed after the application, there was no difference apart from the price.

Aquatic Chalk (Superlon/Siltex) is environmentally friendly, harmless to plants, fish and all other water inhabitants, and as it recycles the organic materials (silt), it is a great benefit to the water body ecosystem. Siltex will also stimulate the water-body food chain which will help to increase biodiversity.

So what is Superlon/Siltex??

SILTEX is a highly porous form of Calcium Carbonate consisting of microscopic particles with an average size of less than 5 microns (5/1,000 of a millimetre!). Being Calcium Carbonate it is completely harmless to plants and wildlife.

What are the main benefits of using Aquatic chalks (Superlon or Siltex)?

• Decreases organic and oxidisable matter which is displayed as a reduction in silt levels.
• Increases oxygenation and stimulates aerobic micro-organisms.
• Reduces methane production by silt body.
• Improves water clarity by settling suspended waterborne solids.
• Counteracts acidity in the water and the silt.
• Provides essential Calcium for plants and wildlife.
• Increases biodiversity within the water bodies.

Aquatic chalks
Aquatic chalk
Aquatic chalk Superlon
Aquatic chalk Siltex

Where can Superlon (Siltex) be used?

Siltex is best used in freshwater environments such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries; where organic silt accumulation is a problem. It can also be used to raise the pH value of water bodies suffering from acidification.

How does it work?

Firstly, we need to understand what silt is. Silt is organic matter, plus sand and clay, combined with water, which forms a spongy mass. Organic silt accumulates when the microorganisms that normally feed on the organic matter are no longer present, due to low oxygen levels and increased acidity. The microscopic SILTEX particles are able to penetrate right in to the silt layer and create the right environment for the micro-organisms to re-establish themselves and start to digest the organic matter, thus reducing the silt volume. Superlon and Siltex work best when the silt has a high organic content, combined with acidity.

How do you apply Superlon (Siltex?)

Superlon & SILTEX are supplied in 25kg bags and can be applied by simply spreading it over the water surface. Large areas of water can easily be treated by applying Superlon (SILTEX) from a boat. Superlon (SILTEX) is applied at a rate of 1 tonne (1,000kg) per acre of water surface for the first dressing, followed by a second dressing of 800kg per acre 6 months later. Most sites will benefit from regular treatment to combat continual organic accumulation from trees and other vegetation.

Superlon (SILTEX) should always be applied to the whole water area, not just the worst affected parts.

Siltex is supplied in two ways the first is part of a yearly contract which includes calculation of the amount required, delivery and application of both spring and autumn treatments. The second is a calculation and delivery only service.

• Environmentally friendly
• Increases natural food for fish
• Improves water clarity
• Delivered in easy to handle 25Kg Bags
• Delivered to your door or lake
• UK, Northern Ireland & European deliveries can be arranged.
• Discounts for orders over 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes
• If stored out of direct sunlight and kept dry the product will keep making it cheaper to buy in larger amounts to save money on transport.

Siltex Superlon

If you would like a price for delivery only or delivery and application please get in touch via our contact us page. If you include your delivery postcode and the quantity you require we will come back to you with the confirmed price including the delivery.

If you would like more information or would like to book a site meeting please give us a call 01379 777365 or Chris direct on 07901 710107 or via our Contact us page.

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