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Swimming Pond Construction & Maintenance

In the past few years swimming ponds have become more and more popular with people wanting to get closer to nature whilst enjoying a swim without harsh chemicals.

Since their gain in popularity we have been working with these ponds; helping the filtration systems to keep up with the Bio load, maintaining the ponds balance and achieving beautifully inviting clear water whilst maintaining the ponds natural beauty.

What we can offer your Swimming Pond project:

⦁ Construction
⦁ Filter advice & servicing
⦁ Plant thinning and management
⦁ Silt removal
⦁ Pump servicing
⦁ Organic algae treatment in spring

swimming pond
swimming ponds

Having worked on a series of swimming ponds over the past years, gaining a great understanding of the workings of the filter beds and the concept of natural filtration that keeps these ponds clear and clean, we decided in 2020 to start undertaking the building and construction of these fantastic swimming pool/ponds.

Since 2020 we have built a number of swimming ponds with the largest being 45x20 metres with no filtration just large beds of planting, depths of over 2 metres and nature to keep the pond clean and inviting, whilst another swimming pond measuring 20x3 metres has a smaller plant bed set away from the main pond with addition of a mechanical filtration plant hidden out of site and with access for ease of cleaning.

If you are thinking about having one of these beautiful features or already have one that you need some help with, then why not give us call and see if we can help?

All of our contact details can be found on our contact us page or you can call us on 01379 777365 or ring Chris direct on 07901 710107

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